by Evangelos Limpantoudis

A good recommendation letter should consist of there segments:

1. Introduction of the recommender, discussion of how his background and opinion matter, and discussion of the relationship with the candidate.

2. Discussion of the experience that the recommender had with the candidate. Sharing specific experiences, anecdotes, etc. This is a key segment, because it must (as much as possible) relate to the candidate’s strategy. It is an opportunity for the recommender to explain how the candidate’s place in the world has been informed/advanced by the experience with the recommender, as well as how the recommender benefited from the candidate. Emphasis should be given to the ideas of the strategy and not move away from them too much.

3. Explanation of how the candidate’s background and personality, skills, abilities, work ethic etc, would ( in the recommender’s view) fit in architecture school as well as how they would benefit society. In this segment, if the recommender is a graduate of architecture school, he should use his own experience and knowledge of the specs. If not an architecture school graduate, then the recommender should focus on emphasizing how he believes society will benefit from the candidate, and should place the ideas of the candidate’s strategy in the core of the entire third segment. After all this, the recommender should conclude by repeating that he would wholeheartedly and without any reservation, recommend the candidate for admission to that school, and ask them to contact him with any questions (provide contact info)