The purpose of the online workshops is to  provide people who live outside the New York – New Jersey area with access to my workshops. We will use some of the most advanced online conferencing software available, depending on our needs as far as interaction and connectivity. We will use a variety of other software (depending on the case), and you will be fully engaged as the participant in order to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop.

My online workshop process is so successful, focused and liberating (remember, you can have the conference from your kitchen table) that sometimes even New Yorkers who have had the chance to try it want to stick to it.  Through the use of slide-shows, graphic manipulation software and video-conferencing, we will easily create an inspiring and creative environment.

There are both 1-on-1 and group workshops available online. In the 1-on-1 workshop you will get more personal attention to the details of your portfolio, customization of the schedule and focus on putting together your book. In the online group workshop, on the other hand, you will get to take a look at other peoples’ ideas, exchange thoughts, and even possibly form your own collaborative group with the rest of the participants for the period of the workshop and after, in order to get help developing your own portfolio.

As part of this process, I will be available at any time in-between sessions through email to answer any questions that you might have, and give you feedback.

Please feel free to contact my office and speak schedule a free introductory meeting. At the moment, regular 1-on-1 workshops are only available within the Tristate area (NY, NJ, CO). If you are located outside the Tristate, please consider one of our other options, including the very effective and affordable 1-on-1 Online workshops.





Elos is a design strategist and an expert in architecture school portfolio development and admission strategy. Since 2002 he has had the pleasure of helping numerous aspiring architects develop a career vision and enter the best architecture schools. He has taught at MIT, NYIT, CUNY, and NYU Poly and has published widely on architecture and design strategy. He has an M.Arch. from MIT, where he was a Presidential Fellow, and an M.S. in management from NYU, where he was a Reynolds Fellow. He is an Associate member of the AIA and a LEED AP.

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